Thompson manufactures more than 65 individual pumping assemblies to meet virtually every field requirement.


Tubing Pumps

Two basic tubing pumps are available for tubing sizes 2, 2½, and 3 inches. All-metal tubing pumps and cup or ring plungers are available.


Tubing pumps for cup plungers and API all-steel working barrel valves are available for 2 and 2½-inch tubing. All-steel valve models come complete with Thompson ball and seat, cups and lock nuts. Four-cup, six-cup and eight-cup assemblies are standard.


All materials used by Thompson Pump Company are fully in compliance with API. A downhole pump is only as good as its parts. That's why Thompson takes special care to design and manufacture each component element of its precision subsurface pump line of the finest materials available. You can't buy a better replacement part than a Thompson. We have a complete line of rod pumps, pump barrels, tubing pumps, insert pumps and custom designed pumps.