Thompson manufactures sucker rod pumps and all components necessary for all downhole pumps. Our balls and seats are available in stainless steel, wearalloy and carbide. Stainless sets are heat treated to hardness of 54 to 61 Rockwell C. Wearalloy is an alloy of chromium, tungsten and cobalt. Seats test 48 to 50 and balls test 60 on the Rockwell C Scale. Carbide balls and seats test 70 Rockwell C and have excellent wear resistance. Thompson manufactures a full line of subsurface pump accessories, listed below:


Perforated Bull Plugs 3 to 18 inches

Bronze Magnetic Breaking Rod Boxes

Combination Rod Box

Piston Steel Polish Rods/and Spray Metal

Seating Nipples

Sand Flush Valve

Heavy Duty Top Crowns

Perforated Gas Anchors

Working Barrel Couplings

Off Coupler

Extension Nipples

Mechanical Holddown

Bayonet Puller

Mechanical Seat Nipple